Fewer staff, better service

August 29th, 2012 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The Dom Post reports:

Several years of belt tightening does not appear to have affected satisfaction with the public service. The State Services Commission has measured satisfaction with 42 frequently used public services and found it had improved since the last survey three years ago.

The survey results recorded the overall service quality score for public services rising from 69 points in 2009 to 72 this year.

State Services Minister Jonathan Coleman said the only service to show a big drop in satisfaction was in applying for or receiving a student loan or student allowance.

Ha, wonder what the score is for having to pay back the loan 🙂

But seriously, good to see an increase in public satisfaction.

8 Responses to “Fewer staff, better service”

  1. Cunningham (958 comments) says:

    Haha this makes Labour look even more stupid then they already do (which is saying something). I only wish it was a headline rather then some small mention in an article. The public should know about this as it is a great achievement.

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  2. rolla_fxgt (311 comments) says:

    Studylink is useless with student loans, they lose the applications, complain of heavy demand at the start of every academic year (wow who would have thought that students might want loans around the start of the academic year) even when you’ve applied back in November the year before, send you the same student loan contract 6 times (the savings in postage alone if they only sent it once would be huge), and send you numerous letters throughout the year telling you that your student allowance application from 2 years ago can’t be completed untill you provide more information (the fact you’ve told me I don’t qualify is why I haven’t provided more information, so why 2 years later you think I might want a student allowance for 2 years ago is beyond me).
    Plus the online system is the most infuriatingly annoying security system I have ever used, it asks for random numbers or letters from your client number, and the 2 or 3 passwords you must have. Which results in having to write down your password each time, so as you can figure out what the 8th letter is.
    Their reasoning is so it can be secure and to prevent identity fraud, I pointed out I needed fewer details to change things with my bank, IRD, and my employer over the phone than I did with them. No one at Studylink seems to see the point when I point out the security overkill, and the stupidity of me having to have my passwords written down, they think they need to be really sure, as someone could make serious changes otherwise.

    But have noticed great improvements in IRD, the people they have on the phones are actually nice and helpful now, which is a great improvement.
    I’m sure ACC still employs morons, but small steps and all that.

    Great to see a tangible improvement in govt customer service.

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  3. dime (13,022 comments) says:

    another win. the left truly are useless.

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  4. scrubone (3,791 comments) says:

    Less bureaucrats means less ability to invent pointless hoops for us all to jump through. Meaning they have to focus on their actual jobs while costing us less money.

    It’s a win-win.

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  5. Paulus (3,571 comments) says:

    As have had to enquire of IRD over a number of times in recent years I find them first class

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  6. DJP6-25 (1,782 comments) says:

    Mmm 42 ‘public services’. I’m sure that a goodly number of those could be closed. Then your reader’s grand children might not have to get a second job just to pay the tax bill.


    David Prosser

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  7. RRM (12,583 comments) says:

    So now when you go in to see the IRD, there’s a long counter of empty workstations, and one long-suffering girl in the end one, working like a trooper dealing with a long queue of angry people waiting in line to be served one at a time.

    ‘Fewer staff, better service.’
    If that sounds like marketing department bullshit of the MOST cynical, utterly dishonest kind… that’s because – it is! 🙂

    But wait, we’ve commisioned a survey to show that which shows we’re actually doing really well and everybody’s happy with us!

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  8. rolla_fxgt (311 comments) says:

    @ RRM, who goes into see IRD anymore, its easy to do online, and if you have a query, ring them.

    Its not 1950 anymore.

    I actually want to be able to do all my IRD stuff online, but IRD can’t do some student loan things online yet, such as student loan overpayment refunds, but you can still do it over the phone. As long as you can stand the lecture about how it will take longer to pay of your loan if you claim an over payment back (really how stupid do they think we are).

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