$500m for Christchurch hospitals

September 5th, 2012 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

The Government has announced:

Cabinet has approved the redevelopment of the Canterbury District Health Board’s hospitals with a final plan due back by the end of the year, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee and Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew announced today.

“This project will be the largest hospital build in the history of New Zealand’s public health service and includes fast tracking the design of Burwood Hospital redevelopment in the eastern suburbs,” Mr Brownlee said.

“The total cost is expected to be more than half a billion dollars, with a final price tag confirmed in December.

Now that the central city plan has been largely agreed to, I suspect we’re going to see a number of large construction projects finalised. The university also needs a fair amount of repairing or new buildings

4 Responses to “$500m for Christchurch hospitals”

  1. East Wellington Superhero (1,143 comments) says:

    Can you imagine the cluster-fuck this would be with Shearer & Robertson at the helm. Remember Wellington Hospital.

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  2. anonymouse (891 comments) says:

    Although this reason this has beenapproved so quickly is that it is basically an expanded version of what was proposed in 2009, which had an expected budget of $350-400 million.

    I suspect the extra $100 million is a combination of seismic upgrading of the buildings that will remain and increased standards for the new buildings…


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  3. flipper (5,304 comments) says:

    No, No, No ……
    It has nothing to do with the “bleatquake” (as my grand-daughter now refers to the continual bleating from some in ChCh), it is all about bribing voters, is it not? Yeah right.

    Good decision
    … and

    Anonymouse ….. Yes, it does have something to do with the expected new code (but also bigger and better technology/services etc) ……

    AND ….. work on that code is continuing, ergo, a modest cost blow-out can be anticipated.

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  4. wreck1080 (5,020 comments) says:

    Something is going wrong in christchurch. I know of a very good tradesperson struggling to secure work.

    The government is so terrified of inflated hourly rates that they’ve effectively capped them via fletchers.

    This has caused some significant problems by trying to legislate out the basic principles of supply and demand.

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