A new scam

Consumer Affairs reports:

Scammers claiming to be from Wellington’s Inland Revenue Department are targeting New Zealanders with a new scam.

Victims receive a phone call from an overseas call centre and are told that they have been chosen to receive money from a ‘ scheme’.

Victims are asked to fill in a form and send $149, via Western Union, to claim their ’fund’. They are then instructed to go online to download a piece of software. The software launches malicious software onto their computer. This gives scammers remote access to the victim’s computer files.

There is no ‘John Key Scheme’. If you receive this phone call, put the phone down. Do not send any money, or follow any other instructions the caller may give you.

Must the height of success, when even the scammers try to use your name!

Of course the IRD never call people up to offer them money.

The scam sounds a bit like Working for Families. You think you are getting some money for nothing, but in reality you have paid for the money through your taxes!

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