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Stuff reports:

has introduced a new service that allows Kiwi shoppers to have purchases from United States online stores delivered to a US address and then to New Zealand.

YouShop enables purchases from American online stores that won’t deliver to New Zealand or that impose high shipping charges.

It mirrors similar services offered by overseas-owned shopping forwarders, such as Prezoom backed by US courier I-Parcel, which launched a service last week to help New Zealanders buy online from US merchants.

YouShop charges NZ$23 to send a 500-gram package from its US address to a customer’s home, while Prezoom charges $19.50, but NZ Post hopes to capitalise on its locally known brand. A message on its website reads: “Know your parcel is in good hands by using New Zealand Post.”

A useful service. I do recall similar ones though. There was a company that provided a US address for people to use for a small fee, and you could choose yourself to package items together and then dispatch them home in one go.

What we really need, is for Kiwibank to provide US credit cards so we can pay for geo-blocked content. So stupid to block your customers from being able to pay for your product.

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