Another SMOG from Trevor

Deborah blogged:

 Today’s inanity and offensiveness from , on his Facebook page. …

It’s puerile, and offensive. I am completely over the focus on women’s bodies. And I would like the senior members of the Labour party to stop enabling this silly behaviour.

Update: I put this post up at about 11.15am on Friday 31 August. In what is becoming a familiar pattern, by 2.30pm the same day, the picture had disappeared from Mr Mallard’s Facebook page.

Now don’t get me wrong. Personally I’m not offended. This is no surprise as I like both puerile and offensive humour. But if I was an MP, I would not post something like that to Facebook. The fact Trevor deleted it suggests he came to that conclusion too late.

I once commented that Trevor seems to be happier as a blogger than an MP! If he ever leaves Parliament, he’ll be a very effective blogger.

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