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The Herald reports:

The Conservative Party has had a bump in the following Parliament’s passing of the first reading of a bill to legalise gay marriage, the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey shows.

The Conservatives would not make it to Parliament on its 1.5 per cent rating (up from 0.5), but if the threshold of the party vote is lowered from its current 5 per cent to 4 per cent under reforms to MMP before the next election, it has to rise only 2.5 percentage points to make it into Parliament with several MPs.

Wow this is trying to talk up a pretty minor movement. Small parties regularly move up or down by 1%. The reality is that even on 1.5%, that is barely over half of what they actually got at the last election.

Personally I would have expected they would have got a much larger and more significant bump, considering the publicity Colin Craig has had.

The full poll results are at Curiablog. On this poll the CL and CR both have 60 seats, so the Maori Party would have the balance of power.

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