The new Herald site

Overall I like the new website. The spacing and font is easier to read. Better use of graphics.

I was going to complain they removed the politics section from their front page, but it has now re-appeared which is good.

Handy social media links at the bottom of the page, and I like the inclusion of their latest tweets in a sidebox. They could get really daring and show the latest tweets from all Herald staff as they tend to be more fruity than the official ones.

Picked up a print edition this morning. Certainly prefer the tabloid format as it is much easier to read on the bus. A good front page lead by Audrey Young on the Bain case.  The magazine insert focus on Lisa Carrington and Sarah Walker was smart – bound to get people reading. Resisted temptation to read the food insert and threw it out. The business liftout was well done with a story speculating the NZ$ will make 90c against the US. Not quire sure why the puzzles and sudoku is in the business liftout though!

In the main paper, I thought the David Fisher article focusing on the Judge whose sentences were so lenient even some of the criminals said they got off too lightly was nice and edgy. They must have gone out and worked quite hard to get those quotes.

So overall looks a good improvement for both print and online. However too early to judge substantively. In the end content is king for me, so maybe at the end of three months will have a look back and review.

What do people think of both the revised website and the new print edition?


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