This seems wrong

Stuff reports:

A teenage immigrant is worried about his family’s safety after learning they will be sent back to Fiji from Taranaki because he stood up to domestic violence.

He and his family join others who have left volatile surroundings only to find they effectively became illegal immigrants because they had no independent visa status. …

Late last year, he woke to find his father beating his mother but instead of cowering in a corner he called police.

His father was arrested and jailed last year, and then deported a few months ago.

The wife was attached to her husband’s work visa and was now fighting a losing battle to remain in New Zealand with her two sons.

New Zealand turned down his mother’s application for a work visa because a Kiwi can do her job, and the family could be deported as early as the beginning of next year.

Racked with guilt, Nick now wishes he had gone back to bed and said nothing about the incident.

“If I knew this would all happen, I wouldn’t have called the police. I will never call them again.”

The last thing we want to do is discourage people from reporting domestic violence. I hope the immigration authorities show some common sense, or compassion.

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