Wednesday (Just) Wallpaper | The Boardwalk, Okarito

September 19th, 2012 at 8:13 pm by Todd Sisson
New Zealand photos | beautiul Boardwalk, Okarito Lagoon, West Coast NZ

Meandering Boardwalk, Okarito Lagoon, Westland,
Photography By Todd Sisson

Welcome to the  tardiest  post yet.  It has been a frantic day, blog posts and social media have had to slip down the priority list – I toyed with posting this tomorrow, but couldn’t arrive at any catchy strap-line to tie in with Thursday….

This boardwalk is on the Okarito Trig track.  It must have been constructed during more fiscally ebullient times (read: during Helen’s reign) as it is a magnificent exercise in whimsical form and folly.  I love it. Its meandering form really is beautiful to behold and it is much more fun to walk over than the practical and economically sensible alternative – a straight boardwalk.

The rest of the walk is wonderful too and culminates in some redonkulously good views of the Southern Alps.

You may download the large version from this link:  [free iPad wallpaper] Password = freewallpaper

See you next week!

Cheers – Todd

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6 Responses to “Wednesday (Just) Wallpaper | The Boardwalk, Okarito”

  1. beautox (500 comments) says:

    Todd : Oh no. Don’t you start using that R word. You will be making oversaturated HDRs next 😉

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  2. s.russell (2,076 comments) says:

    New Zealand has a sad tendency to go for the cheap option, to later regret (eg the two-lane Auckland Harbour Bridge) and to fail to appreciate that the cheapest option is not always the best (building Te Papa to a box-with-knobs design rather than something more creative). New Zealand is filled with functional engineering: bridges that work but look ugly, when a few more dollars would have made them work as art too. I’m glad of the curve on this boardwalk, even if it cost a few dollars more than a straight one. It makes it fit into the landscape better, and in this special location, that is the right approach.

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  3. RRM (12,575 comments) says:

    Spot on – there is next to no money spent on architecture in New Zealand. Almost everything is the absolute cheapest square metre rate possible. So anything with even a dash of design in it looks lavish and extravagant by comparison to everything else. Even if the thing is a rough timber boardwalk with chicken wire stretched over it, and even if the ‘extravagance’ is putting a bit of a friggen curve in it!

    Having said that, I wonder if this really cost much more than a straight one? Draw a straight line from the photographer’s feet are to where it disappears over the horizon. The boardwalk doesn’t actually appear to deviate from the straight line by much more than one boardwalk’s width. So there can’t be a lot of additional materials in it. And sure it would have taken a bit longer for the surveyor to set it out, but only a bit longer…

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  4. Todd Sisson (48 comments) says:

    Hey good on you folks! I agree, 10-20% additional cost can result in structures that are truly engaging to the spirit and I suspect that have a lower lifetime cost (simply because we don’t feel compelled to tear them down in 30 years time). That may be a lesson to all those involved in guiding the Christchurch rebuild (seems that design flair there currently comprises of bolting a few rusted (‘distressed’) steel panels onto tilt slab cubicals at awkward angles.

    RRM, I doubt it would have cost that much more to construct this, particularly if experienced staff were used – most of the additional cost in building ‘out of the box’ designs is incurred in the ‘learning how to do it’ phase, once they have it sorted, things move at a similar pace to building ‘straight’.

    Beautox – you caught me at a moment of weakness, my mouse finger was hovering over the ‘download photomatix’ button. Thanks for the intervention 😉

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  5. fredinthegrass (278 comments) says:

    And I enjoyed the photo as well.

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  6. backster (2,509 comments) says:

    Paraparaumu has one just like it , though more interesting, built by DOC cost not a problem.

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