Wednesday (Just) Wallpaper | The Boardwalk, Okarito

New Zealand photos | beautiul Boardwalk, Okarito Lagoon, West Coast NZ

Meandering Boardwalk, Okarito Lagoon, Westland,
Photography By Todd Sisson

Welcome to the  tardiest  post yet.  It has been a frantic day, blog posts and social media have had to slip down the priority list – I toyed with posting this tomorrow, but couldn’t arrive at any catchy strap-line to tie in with Thursday….

This boardwalk is on the Okarito Trig track.  It must have been constructed during more fiscally ebullient times (read: during Helen’s reign) as it is a magnificent exercise in whimsical form and folly.  I love it. Its meandering form really is beautiful to behold and it is much more fun to walk over than the practical and economically sensible alternative – a straight boardwalk.

The rest of the walk is wonderful too and culminates in some redonkulously good views of the Southern Alps.

You may download the large version from this link:  [free iPad wallpaper] Password = freewallpaper

See you next week!

Cheers – Todd

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