Why is Labour silent on the N word?

has said he will never support a National-led Government, so if he gets the chance will support or even be a Minister in a -led Government. David Shearer has not ruled him out.

So has Labour got anything to say on whether they find it acceptable for Harawira to call other Maori MPs, “house niggers”?

You see their silence is rather inconsistent. In 2005 David Benson Pope alleged Rodney Hide said “dopey niggers” in the House. He was wrong, as what Rodney said was “Don’t be negative”. But Benson-Pope said he was so offended he was going to file a Privileges Complaint. He also refused to apologise for his mistake, until Clark made him do so.

So will any Maori MP from Labour have the guts to stand up to Hone and say how offensive his words were? I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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