Fish Markets

On Wednesday we went to Sa Dec. It’s another trading port and centre. It was also a base for US swift boats in the war. It has a population of around 100,000.

The market here specialised in seafood. Lots of crabs bundled up.

And a bowl of yummy squid.

You want fresh fish – these are still alive and kicking.

These prawns were also kicking.

Less keen on these though. Yuck.

I could make a joke about Trevor Mallard here 🙂

Some live frogs. Cribbet.

And these frogs are less live.

This is the house the French writer and file director Marguerite Duras lived in.  As a teenager she had an affair with a Vietnamese man, which she later detailed in various books and films.

In the afternoon we just cruised. It’s nice being on a river, as you see land and sights as you travel. This is a shot of some typical greenery.