Glenn for Parliament?

The Herald on Sunday reports:

Multi-millionaire has hinted his political aspirations toward becoming an independent MP are very much alive.

In a speech at the BNZ Business Conference this week, Glenn, 72, said he would consider a move into politics if a coalition between National or Labour with NZ First was on the cards for the next election.

“Where will that leave us as a country?” Glenn said. “Maybe someone else has to run on the basis of the current MMP rules … Why not me?”

Owen Glenn is right that that a coalition that involves NZ First is unlikely to be very stable, or good for NZ.

Entrepreneur Tenby Powell, who attended the business conference, said everyone in the room applauded Glenn: “He thinks we should all be standing up and saying what is on our mind as opposed to kow-towing to some of the institutions and bureaucracies and the people who are adding no value.

“He said we could do things differently and that he has some ideas and maybe he should take them forward as an independent candidate.”

University of Auckland professor of politics Barry Gustafson said he was doubtful Glenn could win a seat as an independent MP. “I would be surprised if he could do it because in many ways he has baggage coming in from supporting Labour and NZ First and the hoo-ha over that.”

If successful, however, Glenn would be the first person in about 80 years to enter politics as an independent MP.

I think it is unlkely an Indpendent MP would get elected.

For my 2c I think Glenn could do more good by promoting good policies for NZ, and funding badly needed institutions such as a NZ version of,

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