Not unfair

Stuff reports:

is asking internet users who dumped as their internet provider but continued to use their Xtra addresses for email to either stump up at least $20 a month or have their email addresses cancelled and their emails deleted.

Spokeswoman Jo Jalfon would not say how many people were in that situation, but said a letter had gone out to a “small percentage of customers” advising them of the policy.

One Auckland couple who dropped Telecom in favour of Vodafone in 2007, but who have been using their Xtra email address ever since, have complained to the Commerce Commission.

They’ve been using Xtra’s servers for free for five years, and think they have a case??

What a sense of entitlement.

They believed the change was unfair, as well as a personal inconvenience, as Telecom had said email would remain free when it outsourced the running of Xtra to Yahoo in 2007.

Jalfon said that meant email would be free only to paying customers.

if you want an Xtra e-mail account, you should be an Xtra customer.

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