Saigon Zoo

The Saigon Zoo is actually in their botanical gardens, which makes a nice setting for the visistors to walk around in.

Since seeing so many animals in the wild in Africa, I haven’t really been able to enjoy zoos – even those as spacious as possible for the animals. And Saigon Zoo is far from that. I felt so sorry for the poor giraffes especially, but also for many of the animals there. I guess there is little alternative as most of the animals in zoos would not survive in the wild, but it did make me want to join the Animal Liberation Front briefly!

The imposing creature is a Burmese Rock Python. They are the largest subspecies of the Indian Python. On average they are 3.7 metres long but can reach 5.7 metres.

A beautiful Iguana.

I can’t recall what species this was – possibly a Gibbon?

The poor elephants.

Luckily there is some glass between us.

Showing off.

A beautiful white Bengal tiger.

One big Orangutan.

Enjoying the water.

Some lazy bears.

That bird is almost taller than me!

A squirrel monkey. Cute,

A beautiful bird.

Also liked the hedge sculpture.

Far from the best zoo around, but if you have a spare couple of hours, you do get to see a few animals you won’t normally see.