A smart move

The Herald reported:

Boys’ High School headmaster Trevor McIntyre has resigned to take up an appointment as an executive adviser to the Renewal Programme. …

Secretary for Education Lesley Longstone said Mr McIntyre had a long history of serving education in Christchurch.

“As executive adviser, Trevor will ensure the sector, parents and school communities have one of their own monitoring the integrity of the programme and facilitating the consultation process. He will act as a voice of the sector within the programme,” she said.

Mr McIntyre said he was privileged to be more closely involved with the Education Renewal Programme.

“I would like to be seen as someone who can support and advise both the Ministry and the schools through the changes that are taking place.

“I’m looking forward to be able make a greater contribution to education in Christchurch,” he said.

Mr McIntyre will also liaise with bodies such as CERA and the Earthquake Recovery Commissioner to ensure wider Christchurch rebuild issues were taken into account as the programme progressed.

This is a very smart move. An experienced respected principal is just the sort of person you want helping manage the change programme. He will understand the needs of schools, and should be able to progress things without rancor.