Keall on Dotcom and fibre

at NBR writes:

There are a number of reasons a -backed cable will never fly.

Pacific co-founder Rod Drury added another when he talked to NBR this morning: the accused pirate wouldn’t get approval to land the cable in the US.

Mr Drury saw Mr Dotcom’s overtures to Pacific Fibre as little more than clowning around on Twitter.

Amazing how one tweet gets so many stories. Keall notes:

Even at the height of Megaupload, Mr Dotcom didn’t have $US400 million to spare for a Sydney-Auckland-LA cable.

His Plan A is to fund the new cable through his revived file-sharing service, Megaupload – due to launch January 20, but its success is far from assured (the entrepreneur is asking for investors via a recently launched splash page).

His “plan B” proposal to fund the project by suing Hollywood studios is the stuff of fantasy.

And as for the parallel suggestion of crowdfunding … that’s a neat idea for a $ 1 million project. Not so much for one that costs half a billion.

Nice to see some critical analysis.

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