Parker wants to move Canterbury University

Olivia Carville at The Press reports:

Combining the ageing population and the unprecedented number of young people leaving Christchurch, in about 20 years more than half of the city would be over the age of 65, Parker said.

“We are on a direct path at the moment to become New Zealand’s most modern and attractive new rebuilt resthome.”

One possible solution to the “age group crisis” was to relocate the University of Canterbury back inside the four avenues.

Despite the university’s reluctance to shift, this was the most “grievously undercooked” opportunity in the rebuild.

I don’t know what it would cost to move the university, but imagine it would be a nine figure sum. In reality you would be building a brand new university. Looking at the UC annual report this would be a capital outlay of around $700 million less what you would get for the existing land and buildings.

Having the university more central isn’t a bad idea by itself, but money doesn’t grow on trees (except for the Greens). If really thinks it is essential, than maybe he can identify what projects he would can to pay for it.

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