Sky saves another channel

November 24th, 2012 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

William Mace at the Dom Post reports:

Sky Television is to host a new public service channel on its airwaves after striking a deal with Stratos Television founder Jim Blackman.

The channel, Face TV, will beam local and international news and current affairs on Sky’s channel 89 from the beginning of February. …

Sky has given the channel spectrum to Blackman in order to make Face TV viable. He hoped regional broadcasters would see it as a complement to their operations.

He had not yet approached them to sign up to the channel, but his Auckland-based Triangle TV channel would be the basis for Face TV’s schedule.

Blackman said Face TV was different to Stratos and Triangle because it would have more of a public service focus, although the exact programming schedule was not yet decided.

“I believe it will have much more of a public service focus – we’re aiming to increase the amount of local news and current affairs we do, we want to involve the community and the regions more, and get a much more reflective view of broadcasting both in New Zealand and overseas,” he said.

I used to enjoy some of the Stratos content, so am looking forward to it.


10 Responses to “Sky saves another channel”

  1. tristanb (1,136 comments) says:

    As long as I’m not paying for it, I don’t care.

    Unfortunately I am subsidising Sky as nearly everyone on a benefit has SkyTV, so it’s paid for by taxpayer money. If we put restrictions on the money that beneficiaries accept from us, then I’d imagine Sky would go bankrupt.

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  2. PhilP (410 comments) says:

    I will look forward to this starting as I really enjoyed Stratos on 89 before it was canned. Particularly enjoyed the items from the Pacific Islands. Phil.

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  3. Kevin (988 comments) says:

    Well said Tristan. And air nz if you add politicians and state employes on junkets.

    But no, they’d just apply for a supplementary benefit because not having sky is part of the child poverty issue because it would make the kiddies feel bad about themselves.

    Sky is overpriced bullshit, being a protected industry.

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  4. sparky (235 comments) says:

    Good news. Really looking forward to the new channel. I really enjoyed Stratos.

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  5. Grendel (1,064 comments) says:

    every person i counsel on budget problems and too much debt and not being able to make ends meet have all of the following:

    1. Sky TV
    2. Car Loan for a car well beyond their means or need
    3. Large spend on lotto ($50 a week plus)
    4. Massive food bill, mostly on takeaways.
    5. A personal loan that is a consolidation loan to clear a credit card or two. often more than once.
    6. all the credit cards from above that have been consolidate, at their limit.
    7. HP for gigantic TV

    and most but not all can add smoking, and childsupport for kids they dont live with.

    i have never worked out why the need for sky, as its most of the same crap tv but more of it. an internet connection is much cheaper and you get better tv if you are so inclined.

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  6. Anthony (880 comments) says:

    Grendel do you find the car is often purchased from Enterprise Cars at an inflated price – often you could buy a brand new small car for the same price as the high mileage cars they sell to beneficiaries with easy finance.

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  7. Grendel (1,064 comments) says:

    Anthony, to be honest i dont get that far into it, no idea where they buy from. the loans are usually Credit Union or UDC. it would not surpise me that becuase the car yards know that the people are not financially complex people, they dont know how to budget and they need the finance and dont want to risk losing it (when in reality they wont).

    they are never small fuel efficient cars, they are always beasts, often SUVs, never less than 15K on the initial loan, and usually more if they have ‘traded in’ a car that still has a loan on it, so they end up owing more off the bat than they paid.

    i know they wont sell it even if they would actually get money off it, so just try and help them work through the payments. i know what i earn and i am still surprised at people who dont blink at $320 a FN payments.

    my focus is not to spend too much time on they why or the past as people have every excuse under the sun why it was a ‘good idea’ at the time, so i just focus on the habits and how to get them living within their means. sadly most realise that budgeting and debt reduction takes effort so ignore the advice, but a few do learn and sort it.

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  8. Anthony (880 comments) says:

    Guys in particular seem to see cars as an extension of their ego so you hardly ever see a male in a lower paid job or on a benefit driving a small fuel efficient car. I do most of my driving in a 1.5 litre Yaris which is fine to drive and pretty ecnomical.

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  9. Grendel (1,064 comments) says:

    sadly its not just guys. women seem to go for fucking rav4s and their ilk from my experience. they will use excuses like ‘safety’ for their kids etc.

    In the past when advising financial planning clients who are talking about buying a new car, i ask what their budget is, and its usually around 20K plus. i ask them if they cant find a car just as good but maybe not as flash for 10K. i get a lot of waffle about not being prepared to compromise on safety for their kids etc. but the reality is that its status among their peers. you can get a car at 10K just as safe as a car worth 20K, but it wont be that flash.

    i could have gotten a perfectly good enough suzuki swift yesterday at 10K, but i chose to go for the sport at 16K, because i can afford it and i want to, but i have no illusions that my car is any more safe (by 40% which is the approx price diff) or anything other than more comfortable and it fits my desires.

    its about status and ego for both men and women, but that status and ego is derived and fed in different ways. and the excuses are different as well 🙂

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  10. Anthony (880 comments) says:

    I’ve never heard that safety excuse except from a friend who was involved in the treatment of people who had suffered head injuries and she used safety to justify buying a Saab.

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