Michelle Robinson at Stuff reports:

Teenagers and fair-skinned adults may be banned from sunbeds under a proposed member’s bill.

The Health Skin Cancer and Trauma Prevention Amendment Bill calls for enforced regulations on sunbeds and cosmetic lasers.

A voluntary standard is all that prevents people with very fair photo type one skin from using sunbeds.

They would be barred, along with teenagers, from using the cosmetic tanning devices under National MP Dr Paul Hutchison’s bill.

Never used a sunbed, and doubt I ever will.

I don’t have a problem with not allowing teenagers (if that is shorthand for under 18s) from using a sunbed.

But if an adult wishes to use a sunbed, no matter fair skinned or dark skinned, and wishes to ignore the health risks – well no law should stop them.

However I would favour them losing coverage for any conditions likely to be caused by said sunbed exposure!

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