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November 13th, 2012 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

died a couple of months ago.  Brother Bill writes in The Listener about him. He spent a lifetime as a sports coach.

Whale Oil blogs:

Just over 9 weeks ago the sporting-world, in particular New Zealand’s young and developing athletes lost a legend, mentor, coach and all-round terrific guy with Jack Ralston’s death.  So many of us feel that Jack left such a huge legacy which is too great to simply end at this point.  So we have formed the Team JR Development Trust – run completely by volunteers.  This Trust has been set up with the specific purposes of:

– Providing a mentor support structure for promising young athletes aimed at assisting them reach their potential.
– Providing a network of support for encouragement and inspiration and advice.
– To challenge national bodies towards excellence and developmental structures on the athletes behalf.
– To ensure promising triathlon, road and track athletes are adequately funded for coaching and development.
– To identify and provide development opportunities & pathways for young athletes.

We are pleased to announce the Team JR launch function will be held on Thursday 29 November at the Millennium Stadium in the Olympic room and take great pride in extending this invitation to those of you in New Zealand to attend.  We will outline the upcoming activities of the Trust, introduce the Trustees and ambassadors to the Trust who are all people that have been touched greatly by Jack Ralston and hold our first fundraising event in the form of an auction on the night. Light refreshments will be provided.

tribute to Jack that makes it clear what kind of man he was.

You can ‘like’ and follow Team JR Development Trust on Facebook.  You can also donate any amount to the Trust by emailing and we will provide the necessary details for you to do so.

Event Details
What: Team JR Development Trust Launch (no fee to attend)
Where: Millennium Institute of Sport and Health
When: Thursday 29 November 2012
Time: 6.30 pm – 8 pm
RSVP: email

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you then.
The Team JR Development Trust

 A great initiative that can make a difference.

3 Responses to “Team JR Development Trust”

  1. Bob R (1,827 comments) says:

    A great initiative. I’m just reading his book, The Sports Insider- A Life Among Champions. Some fascinating stories, particularly from his time with Nike and meeting athletes like Michael Jordan. He had an incredible life and this is an excellent way to continue his legacy.

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  2. Anodos (138 comments) says:

    A top man who made a genuine difference to people. Well worth supporting to provide pathways for kids who are working hard themselves. Often very little $$$ and other support for kids striving on good pathways and the intentions here are good.

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  3. Nick K (2,061 comments) says:

    What the two above said. A top man, who should have been knighted.

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