Thank you very much for your kind donations

From the annual report of the Christchurch Appeal Trust. They have had over $100 million in donations. Major donations of over $500,000 were received from:

  • AEON
  • AMP
  • ANZ Bank
  • America New Zealand Association
  • Bruce Plested
  • Commonwealth Bank Australia
  • Fonterra
  • Fox Studios
  • Glenn Family Foundation
  • Governments of Canada, Indonesia, Oman, China, Russia, Victoria and NSW
  • Infinity Foundation
  • James Cameron
  • NZ Aluminium Smelter
  • New Zealand Community Trust
  • Salvation Army Hong Kong
  • Seven and I Holdings
  • The Southern Trust
  • Valar Capital Management
  • Warner Bros
  • Wesfarmers Ltd
  • William James Duncan

As well those very generous large donations, some great examples of community fundraising globally:

  • The Gherkin stairclimb, London – on 22 May 2011 around 1,000 people raised GBP25,500 in a sponsored ‘Step Up 4 ’ climb of the famous Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) in the City of London – that’s 38 fl oors and 1,037 steps – organised by Kent Gardner and Paul Kendrick of Evans Randall investment banking group.
  • South Point High School Ohio, USA – on 29 April 2011 the athletes of South Point High School in Southern Ohio sprinted, shot putted, and high-jumped for the Appeal, donating the $1,832 proceeds from their annual track and fi eld meet which is named after legendary Kiwi running coach Arthur Lydiard.
  • Radiothon, Cook Islands – the small Cook Islands community of Aitutaki held a radiothon and its Mayor of Aitutaki John Baxter said that in four hours the community collected $25,000 for the Appeal. Aitutaki is a small island more than 260km from Rarotonga with a population of about 2,000.
  • NZ university graduates, Vietnam – a group of Vietnamese who studied at New Zealand universities over 25 years ago (1950 – 1975) raised $62,000. The 100 former students and their families, who now live all over the world said: “We were given not only an education, but also hospitality and love by the people of New Zealand. We sincerely hope, as members of the big New Zealand family, it can lend a hand in soothing and comforting earthquake victims as they rebuild their lives.”

Great generosity and initiatives.