The Christchurch Mayoralty

The Press looks at the possible contenders:

  • Lianne Dalziel – says not standing and that a change of mind is “unlikely”
  • Tim Carter – not ruling it out, will decide next year
  • Garry Moore – never say never
  • Mike Yardley – No plans, will not stand for Council
  • Humphry Rolleston – would not comment
  • Peter Townsend – Not standing
  • Peter Beck – Initially said too soon to say, and then later said no
  • Glenn Livingstone – Not decided yet

Ipredict has Garry Moore at 70% likely to stand and Peter Beck 55% likely.

The only two I read as definitely not standing are Townsend and Yardley. The others have all left some wriggle room.

Parker is at 47% to be re-elected.