The Nation 2 November 2012

November 1st, 2012 at 9:54 pm by Kokila Patel has all our video and transcripts.
1. Bernie Monk (Spokesperson , Pike River Victims’ Families) and Nigel Hampton QC on what the Pankhurst Inquiry into the Mine Disaster (to be released next week) should say.
2. Our bail laws — Shelley Nahr goes to Court to find out who gets bail and why. And she talks to the defendants about how they found trying to get bail.
3. Kirk Labour Government — 40th Anniversary — Former Labour Minister, Bob Tizard; staffer and Kirk biographer, Margaret Hayward; ad man, Bob Harvey and our own analyst and co- author of “The Making of a PM” about Kirk — Colin James.
4. Stefan Brown — half of “Ebony” who recorded the chart topping “Big Norm” about Kirk in 1974 and who get the last telegram Kirk ever sent will perform the song.
5. Brian Edwards — who has sued “Truth” twice — and Bill Ralston who probably wanted to, will be joined by its new editor, Cameron “Whaleoil” Slater.

Broadcast on TV 3  Saturday 9.30 am, and on Sunday at 8 am

5 Responses to “The Nation 2 November 2012”

  1. barry (1,234 comments) says:

    Im getting tired of hearing from Bernie Monk and his crusade. What happened cant be changed and this constant blaming of everyone for why the bodies havent been moved is getting a bit stupid.

    Its getting to the point that with his sort of paranoia and the greens trying to stop anything – that there will never be any sort of industrial activity on the west coast again. What mining company in their right mind would put up with this sort of crap.

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  2. big bruv (15,571 comments) says:

    Well said Barry. Anybody with half a brain (rules out some of the inhabitants of Chch) will be able to sympathise with the loss Bernie Monk feels, however I am getting sick of hearing him insist that more lives should be out at risk and more of my money should be spent trying to get the bodies out.

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  3. David Garrett (10,994 comments) says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree…mining is a dangerous business; always has been, always will be. Clearly mistakes were made here, and penalties will rightly be imposed, but that doesnt change the reality of the industry.

    There have been reports of family members wanting to go into the mine themselves to try and recover bodies. They should be allowed to do so, after having signed appropriate waivers of liability in favour of the present owners and anyone else their famlies might like to blame if those who go in also die. If adults of sound mind wish to undertake risks, they should be allowed to do so.

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  4. backster (2,513 comments) says:

    I agree, we need to move forward not backwards, whats all this Kirk rubbish, isn’t it supposed to be a current events show.

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  5. Steve (North Shore) (4,969 comments) says:

    Lets see if Rachael can keep interupting WhaleOil.
    But no doubt she will give a free pass to all of the Liarbour cork soakers

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