The path to the leadership

  1. After losing post election ballot, make visionary speeches to party activists on issues outside portfolio areas. 
  2. Make sure you invite columnists and bloggers to the speeches
  3. Have party supporters push for future leadership votes to include party members, where you have majority support
  4. Have bloggers and columnists call call for a change of leadership just before the conference
  5. Have party activists vote down hierarchy’s rule changes and get threshold for leadership challenge lowered to 40%
  6. Get party activists to pass a specific resolution to schedule a caucus vote early next year needing only a 40% threshold to challenge.
  7. Refuse to pledge loyalty to Leader after vote
  8. When Leader looks to do a special vote immediately, pledge support and loyalty for now
  9. Have angry old guard insist you be sacked or demoted, so that you are made a martyr
  10. Wait for polls to drop for party, due to infighting, so that 40% of caucus will vote for a leadership ballot in February
  11. If you don’t quite get the numbers in February, then have very angry and noisy party activists get to work on yet to be agreed new selection and list ranking rules.
  12. Get new selection rules in place, weakening power of NZ hierarchy in selections
  13. Have your supporters win selections in winnable seats and gain high list rankings
  14. Then at first caucus meeting after the next election, you have at least 40% to challenge for leadership and force a ballot – which you win

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