Today’s anti Peter Jackson story

In today’s anti Peter Jackson story, the Herald discovers that Peter is not still in touch with everyone he knew or worked with 25 years ago.

What a cad.

Hasn’t the plethora of anti stories in recent weeks been a great example of the NZ tall poppy syndrome.

What a pity that there haven’t been stories interviewing people who have worked with Jackson recently. I recall at the public rally in Wellington to stop the unions moving The Hobbit offshore, how so many people got up and spoke of what it was like to work with Jackson. They spoke of his qualities as both a director and a human being.

Of course Jackson is not universally popular with every person he has ever known or worked with. Who is? But everything I have heard is he is held in far higher esteem personally by those who work with him than  almost all other directors and producers of his caliber.

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