A sure sign of being dodgy

Kurt Bayer at NZ Herald reports:

The parents of a man who threatened to exhume a 90-year old man’s body believe he has been affected by a new church in which the pastor believes in faith-based healing.

“He’s not been long with the church, but long enough for them to get their hooks into him,” said the man’s father yesterday, after their son contacted Harold Ritchie’s relatives again, asking to meet them at the grave so he could “raise the body”.

Police took the 25-year old into custody when he arrived at the Ruru Lawn Cemetery in Bromley, Christchurch, and referred him for a psychiatric assessment.

On Wednesday, the man turned up uninvited at Mr Ritchie’s funeral service. He banged on the coffin and told the deceased man to “wake up”.

If he had woken up, there would be a lot more people worried about the Mayans!

Mr Sansom said he, too, had joined Fellowship Church last month and the move had been “life-changing”.

The church is led by “Pastor Peter”. Neither he nor anyone in his congregation would reveal his full name.

My rule of thumb is if someone refuses to reveal their surname, they are a dodgy as fuck con artist.

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