Allowed to remain a teacher

I am staggered. The Herald reports:

A teacher tried to hire a gang member to assault her principal because she was being hassled about lies she told to the school, a disciplinary hearing has found.

So she hired a gang member to assault her principal and she lies to her school.

The disciplinary tribunal heard the teacher also fabricated grades for work not done by students, forged the head of department’s signature, and lied about what classes she had taught.

And she fabricates grades, forges signatures and lies about classes taught.

The disciplinary hearing was to establish if she should be deregistered as a teacher.

The tribunal said the “difficult decision” in the case was whether the responsibilities to the public and the profession could be met without deregistering the teacher.

“We have concluded that we can [meet those responsibilities] but only after very careful consideration and by the finest of margins,” the report says.

Yet the Teachers Council says she can continue as a teacher!! What do you have to do to be degregistered? Actually have the gang member do the kneecapping?

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