Christmas at the Beehive

December 1st, 2012 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

I went to see Christmas at the Beehive at last night. It ends tonight, which is a pity as I think heaps of people would love to see it.

I only heard about it on Thursday, and purchased a ticket yesterday to see it at 9 pm. The theatre was packed, including a few ministerial staffers I noticed.

There are 17 actors and a number of MPs are lampooned. John Smythes’ review sums it up well:

‘Tis Christmas at the Beehive and all is not well 
The charm of John Key is losing its spell 
Winston is restless, his spirits on rocks 
As dead David Lange cracks hearty and mocks.

The three living Davids seek leadership traction 
As bright Grant Robertson taps through the action 
Jacinda Adern is a party-girl stressed 
That Nikki Kaye’s party is thought to be best.

Paula Bennett brings news John Banks’s been arrested 
The Johnny and Bill show is now sorely tested 
“Jihad!” cries Chris Finlayson, frocked up to go 
To the ballet or opera or NZSO.

Hekia Parata strides through her crises 
Rendering her leaders quivering micies 
Mistletoe, though, does make them quite frisky 
While Sir Rob Muldoon takes drams of Win’s whiskey.  

Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples 
Have to work hard at not losing their marbles 
While Hone Harawira hovers above 
Fluffing his feathers, both eagle and dove.

Spreading the love with gifts for a new way
Is Russell Norman with Metiria Turei 
While all through the house wafting tinsel around 
Is her worship the mayor, Celia Wade-Brown.

Kanwal Singh Bakshi and Su’a William Sio 
Find common ground: gay marriage? A no-no! 
The Pope happens by midst the gay marriage thing 
Just wanting the masses to kiss his ring.

Todd McClay and John Campbell complete the live cast 
‘Though many more names get a serve or a blast. 
While patchy there’s brilliance enlightening us all 
I say get along: it’s a laugh; have a ball.

The Lange and Muldoon characters were great – captured their voices and personalities so well. Paula Bennett’s character was hilarious. When John Key tells her to sort out WINZ, her answer is “I’m all over WINZ like a cougar at the rugby clubrooms”.

The duet by Bakshi and Sio has you in stiches.

Any MP who watches it is sure to be offended by the character portraying them, but enjoy all the other characters! No one escapes unscathed.

The Pope even make an appearance, backed by the Imperial Death March music from Star Wars.

3 Responses to “Christmas at the Beehive”

  1. Harriet (7,626 comments) says:

    “….The Pope even make an appearance, backed by the Imperial Death March music from Star Wars….”

    That just reminded me of the Grim Reaper in some advert long ago!

    The gay supporters might not want to push the ‘offensive’ humor too far David!

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  2. Fisiani (1,188 comments) says:

    Very enjoyable show. loads of clever gags and some very good acting. I really enjoyed the brashy Bennett and the smarmy tiara wearing Cunliffe. The ditsy Celia Wade Brown I first took to be Holly Walker. The ambitious conniving Grant Robertson was lampooned wonderfully. I gather the final show is sold out but if you are lucky enough to have a ticket you will see a great show. Jacinda was in the audience earlier this week and she was mercilessly mocked. Every team got flack and so can be enjoyed by one and all.

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  3. BeaB (2,529 comments) says:

    I guess the show must have been better than that lame doggerel.

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