Just desserts

Stuff reports:

A cyberbully who threatened to name and shame a woman who wanted posts removed from his website has had the tables turned on him.

Henricus Geradus Van Helmond, 52, of Woodville had asked for $2000 when the woman told him she had legal advice about deleting her posts, leading to him being charged with blackmail.

Justice Joe Williams in the High Court at Wellington told him there was a certain poetic justice in doing to him what he had threatened to do to the victim. …

Van Helmond threatened to report her lawyer to the law society and said he would name and shame her through the website with personal information unless they paid $1000 each to himself and another of the website’s administrators. …

Van Helmond has made headlines before when he claimed his Twitter account was hacked to send death threats to former MP Sue Bradford.

To put it mildly, Van Helmond has serious issues and problems.

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