Milford Sound

In for New Years, staying with a friend. The last time I was here, I had the nonovirus and spent it in the bathroom of my hotel room. So far, has been much more enjoyable this time.

On Saturday headed to Milford Sounds on the Select Bus. Not normally a big bus person, but this was a great trip. The driver was superb – knowledgeable and friendly, and we had lots of stops for photos.

QT0001 <a Lake Wakatipu just out of Queenstown.


On the road from Te Anau to Milford. Spectacular field. They must have shot some movie scenes here at some stage.


The hills reflected at Mirror Lakes.


Note the way the sign is written so it only makes sense in the reflection.


A field of lupins.


One of the many bush covered valleys heading into Milford Sound.


A small waterfall.


At one of the stops, there was a kea. He happily walked around in front of everyone and then without concern, jumped up onto a car behind and started nibbling at the rubber around their window.


Mr Kea then jumped onto the roof for an even better perch.


The lower end of the mighty chasm.


And the upper end. Not a place to try going over in a barrel!


At Milford Sound, we went out on a boat. It was pretty wet but the seals didn’t mind.


A bit of rain on the lens, but still a nice shot of the greenery that grows on often sheer cliff faces there.


Advancing towards the falls.


And then the boat approaches them head on and pushes the bow just under the falls, nicely spraying those of us up on top.

Was a great day. I’ve been to Milford Sound a couple of times before, but it never gets old. Has reinforced my determination to do the Milford Track in the next couple of years.

On the bus trip back to Queenstown, they played The World’s Fastest Indian. I’d not got around to watching it previously. Was a very appropriate film to view in Southland.