Tamihere back in Labour

Kathryn Powley at NZ Herald reports:

is back. And it seems nothing has changed. This time he’s calling one of National’s women MPs “fat”.

The former MP who in 2005 suffered a calamitous fall from grace has been allowed to become a member of the Party once more.

But he’s vowing not to tone down his opinions or toe the party line. As if to prove his point, in an interview over a beer in a Henderson restaurant yesterday, Tamihere says he intends to be as outspoken as ever.


So, in the immortal words of fellow Westie MP Paula Bennett, we ask whether his return to politics will force him to “zip it sweetie”.

Tamihere laughs a big belly laugh. “Not for that bloody fat girl up here, I’m going to tell you that right now.”

Back when Tamihere, 53, uttered the words “front bum” to journalist Ian Wishart, he claimed he didn’t realise there was a recorder on the table. Now, there is no such confusion. We are on the record, and he is calling Paula Bennett fat.

I suspect Tamihere will struggle to win nomination for Waitakere, but it will be an interesting contest if he does.

So can he get on with his fellow Labourites?

“Look, I don’t have to get on with these people. I’m joining the Labour Party. I’m not joining the ‘Women’s Party’, I’m not joining the ‘Union Party’, I’m not joining the ‘Gay Party’, I’m joining the Labour Party.

Hmmn, he may be in for a surprise!

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