The 12 toughest PR jobs of 2012

Mark Blackham blogs the 12 toughest PR jobs of 2012. They are:

  1. Government: Plan for schools in Christchurch
  2. Government: Class size increase plan
  3. Government: Introduction of the Christchurch Central Development Unit
  4. Government Communications Security Bureau: Kim Dotcom
  5. Solid Energy: Job cut announcement
  6. Ports of Auckland: Strike
  7. Fonterra: Trading Among Farmers scheme
  8. ANZ-National: Merger day
  9. Wheedle: Launch day
  10. Government: Report on Pike River
  11. Sanitarium: Continued non-production of Marmite
  12. All Blacks: Inclusion of AIG as sponsor

The Government handled 3 and 10 well and 1 and 2 badly. No 4 was a mixture of good and bad.

The corporates that did their comms job well were Solid Energy, Ports of Auckland, Fonterra, ANZ and Sanitarium. Wheedle was a fail, because comms can only do so much. Didn’t follow the All Blacks AIG issue that closely.

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