The Scotland Independence Referendum

John Donnachie at The Press reports:

There are compelling arguments from both sides to why Scotland should remain or not stay in the United Kingdom. The re- establishment of a devolved Scottish Parliament in 1999 has been generally welcomed throughout the British Isles, and viewed as a progressive step towards a more autonomous Scottish state from within the United Kingdom. …

And yet, the move towards a Scottish state and break-up of the 305-year-old union appears an unlikely and forbidden scenario, given the current economic turmoil Britain is experiencing.

As Europe’s monetary system tethers on the brink of collapse, it seems going it alone is a downright absurdity that will bring irreversible financial hardship just as has happened to Scotland’s fellow Celtic neighbour, Ireland.

Opinion polls during October showed support stagnating for independence between 30 and 35 per cent. The golden summer of British Olympic success and the shared feel-good factor has been speculated as the reason for declining interest.

There were four polls in October. Support was at 28% in two of them, 29% in another and 37% in the fourth. Opposition was 55%, 53%, 52% and 45%. That is a big margin to over-turn.

Polls in England show more support for Scottish independence than in Scotland itself.

That’s fascinating, but not entirely surprising. A poll in early 2012 of English voters found 43% want Scottish independence and only 32% opposed. They know a lot of their money goes towards Scotland. Also 52% of English voters want the referendum as soon as possible, not in 2014.

Also 49% of English voters want an English Parliament with only 16% opposed.

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