Three dead in Auckland tornado

The Herald reports:

Three people have been killed after severe weather – including an apparent tornado – hit west this afternoon.

Police sources have just confirmed that three had died in the west Auckland storm.

Fire services communications manager Peter Stevenson said two people had been killed when a slab of concrete fell onto a truck at the St Georges Rd intersection

At least seven people are being rushed to hospital, TV3 is reporting.

A tornado reportedly hit Hobsonville, tearing down trees and ripping panels from the motorway.

Fire, police and ambulance are racing to multiple callouts in Hobsonville and Upper Harbour and it is understood a number of people may have been injured as a result.

The military are also believed to have been called in to assist.

Air Force personnel are going door to door in Hobsonville to check if people are safe.

Emergency services are trying to clear roads that are blocked by trees.

Thought with all those impacted in Auckland. The full force of nature is both awesome and often deadly.

Watch this video at TVNZ. It is terrifying to see the force on the windows and trees. You would not want to be outside in it. I understand Aucklanders are being advised to stay inside for at least the next couple of hours.

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