Xmas and Boxing Day

Two sweltering days for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


You know it is a rare day in Wellington when people are not just on the beach, but actually in the water. It was a rare no wind day. A perfect Christmas present for the city.


Took this while walking home from my parents place in Roseneath. A nice view to end the day on.


The next day I drove up to Vinegar Hill Camping Grounds near Hunterville, where some friends were staying.  It was also a blisteringly hot day and the campsite is just in a beautiful location next to the Rangitikei River. I wish I had the time to stay on.


Miss Z showing off her strength. It was a kids and dogs day during the day, with whiskey and poker for the evening!


This was doggie heaven. A river to cool off down, and lots to explore.


One of the favourite games was throwing a stick into the river and see the dogs retrieve it. The largest dog is a damn good swimmer and would battle a pretty strong current to stop the stick getting away.

The day got so hot, that eventually I took the plunge myself and decided to let the current take me down to the far end of the campsite – around half a km downstream. It was superb fun, except for the fact I hadn’t realised there was one set of rapids on the way! I got the odd cut but hell it was worth it!

So a great Christmas and Boxing Days with family and friends. Tomorrow head to the South Island to catch up with more friends. Not back in Wellington until mid to late January!

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