Xmas and Boxing Day

December 27th, 2012 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Two sweltering days for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


You know it is a rare day in Wellington when people are not just on the beach, but actually in the water. It was a rare no wind day. A perfect Christmas present for the city.


Took this while walking home from my parents place in Roseneath. A nice view to end the day on.


The next day I drove up to Vinegar Hill Camping Grounds near Hunterville, where some friends were staying.  It was also a blisteringly hot day and the campsite is just in a beautiful location next to the Rangitikei River. I wish I had the time to stay on.


Miss Z showing off her strength. It was a kids and dogs day during the day, with whiskey and poker for the evening!


This was doggie heaven. A river to cool off down, and lots to explore.


One of the favourite games was throwing a stick into the river and see the dogs retrieve it. The largest dog is a damn good swimmer and would battle a pretty strong current to stop the stick getting away.

The day got so hot, that eventually I took the plunge myself and decided to let the current take me down to the far end of the campsite – around half a km downstream. It was superb fun, except for the fact I hadn’t realised there was one set of rapids on the way! I got the odd cut but hell it was worth it!

So a great Christmas and Boxing Days with family and friends. Tomorrow head to the South Island to catch up with more friends. Not back in Wellington until mid to late January!


5 Responses to “Xmas and Boxing Day”

  1. Michael (903 comments) says:

    Photo 2 reminds me of the old Hutt City Council Billboard – “People in Roseneath pay millions for a view of the Hutt Valley”

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  2. Left Right and Centre (2,932 comments) says:

    So this is what people with a life do…

    I’ve always wanted to know!! It looks really really good. I want to add a Robin Leach voiceover to the captions… that would really sell it.

    I thought xmas day was like an oven but boxing day was thankfully rubbish?

    And today is wonderfully mild cool Wellington weather with no rain or wind yet. I can bear to wear a jersey… that’s how not hot it is. It couldn’t be better.

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  3. duggledog (1,502 comments) says:

    DPF, did you know that the summer before last there was a dairy cow stuck on the other side of the river? God knows how it managed to get down there, you will have seen how steep it is. They had to get the Police in. I kid you not

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  4. s.russell (1,596 comments) says:

    Hope you have a great holiday!

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  5. David Farrar (1,883 comments) says:

    Duggledog: Funnily enough, I mentioned to a few people that it would be very spooky if there were hundreds of cows up on the cliffside staring down at us!

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