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January 23rd, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Cam at Whale Oil has been blogging on the silly antics on the Local Board, where the Chair has been trying to sack the Deputy Chair. You’d think they’d have far more important things to focus on, than who the hell is deputy chair of a local board.

Anyway a reader has sent to me an e-mail where Howick have cancelled a planned meeting and drinks for prospective candidates. They advised:

I am sorry to inform you that our meeting for Wednesday 23 January 2013 at 7:00 PM in the Billiard Room of Fisher House night is cancelled due to an urgent incident. The meeting will be rescheduled for another time. I hope that the cancellation of the meeting has not caused any problem on your part.

The meeting was for:

You’re invited to join us for Candidate Drinks, an opportunity for existing C&R Team Howick members to meet with prospective new candidates.

The event is to be held on Wednesday 23 January 2013 in the xxx.

It has been a busy time for the Howick Local Board, developing a 10 year plan for our area. All nine board members have past local government experience, which has been helpful.

I believe that we as the majority team on the board must have a succession plan to continue to bring in new people with fresh ideas both in 2013 and in future election years. Now is the time to think about who those fresh faces might be.

I hope you can make it along and if you would like to nominate any other prospective candidates, please let me know. 

C&R need to sort their stuff out, at least in Howick. They should be focusing on the big issues such as rates, council accountability, infrastructure rather than infighting. If they don’t it will just help Labour and the Greens take over via their City Vision and other sock puppets.

5 Responses to “C&R Howick”

  1. campit (480 comments) says:

    The fact that this post has gone uncommented for an hour and a half shows the level of interest. Out of sympathy for this burning issue, wasn’t there supposed to be a meeting last Monday on this? Did the vote go ahead?

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  2. kowtow (13,237 comments) says:

    Used to be chairman,then chair person,now just a plain old chair.

    I call that silly.

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  3. Whaleoil (707 comments) says:

    The urgent incident was of course the rinsing of Michael Williams for being a bully boy:

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  4. Whaleoil (707 comments) says:

    Williams blustered and fought for 3 hours and then meekly surrendered by withdrawing the motion before a vote could be put.

    Coward, bully, and a drunk

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  5. peterwn (4,291 comments) says:

    Unfair to accuse the whole Board of silly antics. Most of the blame lay with the Chair, and some to the sheep who followed him. The game was up the day before, but the Chair did not see it. The C&R bosses (is John Slater still in the picture?) have some pretty serious work ahead of them – cutting loose the Chair would be a good start.

    I cannot help thinking the drink-drive incident started the whole thing off. The double whammy of possibly reduced employer indulgence re Board affairs and prospective loss of mobility for several months would limit attention he could pay to the Chair’s job – hence the need for a loyal ‘yes-man’ lieutenant.

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