Friday Photo: 18 January

One of the types of spiders that builds orbwebs, are not true orbweb spiders (Araneids). Their webs are often aligned horizontally rather than vertically. The also much larger jaws (chelicerae) than orbweb spiders. These spiders are the tetragnathids.

One of the most common of these spiders is the indigenous Leucauge dromedaria. This spider is native to both NZ and Australia, and I’ve been trying to get a photo I like of it for a while.  Conditions came together for this shot.  Purists may be interested to know that it is an “old school” photo, as the exposure was manually set, the flash was manually set and the focus was also manual.

Click for larger, higher res image

The link is to a much larger image.

I’m heading off into the ‘field’ on Saturday for 12 days, hence there will be no next week.