Lake Hayes

In I was staying at the Estate, which is of course next to . I’ve heard about the lovely walk around the lake, but the weather looked like I wouldn’t get to do it. However on my last day there, the rain stopped around 7 pm, so I headed out. It was around 15 minutes to the lake, and I did the circuit in around 90 minutes. The last quarter I jogged as I heard thunder and the rain started again.


On the path down to the lake, a paddock of deer.


You then start off at lake level on a nice path.


Then as you go up, you get a pretty great lake view. Bear in mind this is in the evening.


The path winds around the hills.


Another great lake view.


Then after you head down, you circle around through nice grass areas.


A very old house on the lakefront.


And a much more modern one. A lakeside house would be very cool. Many of them have boats out front.


And finally a bush walk path back to the beginning.

A very serene walk, if you are in the area.

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