NZ Post wants to go three days only

Amy Adams has announced:

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has today released a proposal from New Zealand Post seeking to allow greater flexibility in the postal services it provides.

“During the last 10 years mail volumes have dropped considerably, with 265 million fewer items being posted each year compared to 2002. Within five years, mail volumes are forecast to be nearly half what they were in 2002,” Ms Adams says.

“In light of those significant reductions in mail volume, New Zealand Post is seeking to make changes to the Universal Service Obligations it is bound by.

“New Zealand Post has advised me that it considers changes are needed to ensure a sustainable postal service in the 21st century.

The changes sought are here:

The main details are:

  • Going from 5 to 6 day a week delivery to 99.88% of NZ addresses to 3 days a week 99.88% of addresses.
  • Going from 1 to 4 days a week delivery for 0.12% of addresses to 1 day a week for 0.12% of addresses.

I support this change, for two reasons. The first is that will simply become unprofitable without them. I don’t want taxpayers subsidising postal deliveries. There are far better things to spend money on.

The other is that for most people, an extra day wait for mail will have no impact. Hell I only clear my letterbox around once a week. Most important communications come electronically or if not practical and time critical by courier. I can’t recall anything I’ve had posted to me that would suffer from a day’s extra wait.

Those in extreme rural areas may find it tough with getting mail once a week only – but that is all that some of them are getting at present anyway.

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