Shearer’s state of the nation speech

His speech is here. Some extracts:

The hands-off, simply leave it to the market approach has failed all over the world.

We are on the cusp of a new era – when new thinking and leadership is needed to build wealth we can all share in.

The world has changed. National hasn’t. It’s stuck in the past.

We need a government that recognises times have changed.

We need a Government that finds the courage to act, not better excuses for why we can’t.

We need a government prepared to stand up for hardworking forgotten Kiwis.

We need a smart, hands-on Government. 

As opposed to a stupid hands-on Government?

As I blogged a few days ago, hands on and hands off are labels which mean little in today’s world. The current Government is intervening all over the place in an attempt to help foster stronger economic growth.

What the focus should be on is the details of what each party proposes as inteventions, not stupid slogans from the 70s.

It’s about getting our priorities right, being thrifty about our economy.

Bringing our debt under control.

Which is why Labour has criticised every single spending cut of the last four years.

We’ll make changes to monetary policy so that our job-creating businesses aren’t undermined by our exchange rate.

A more subtle version of the Greens pledge to print more money.

I’ve spoken of a clean, green, clever economy many times.

The focus groups must like that phase.

Not a single specific new initiative. Just a recital of last year’s announcements and a new slogan about hands-on vs hands-off.

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