The great milk beatup

Bad enough that an international newspaper does a beatup on New Zealand milk, but then a local newspaper does a front page story proclaiming the world is asking is NZ milk safe to drink.

The key fact in all this comes at the very bottom of the story:

Muller said that a 60kg person would have to drink more than 130 litres of raw milk or consume some 60kg of milk powder to reach the limit for an acceptable daily intake, and considerably more to have any health effects from DCD.

“Clearly, this would never happen.”

If you drank 130 litres of milk in a day, the DCD would be the least of your worries.

The average person would not drink even a litre a day. So the less sexy but more useful reporting would be that the level of DCD is less than 1% of the level allowed or acceptable. People can understand how insignificant a level this is, if you express it like that.

The irony is that DCD is used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Whale Oil is rightfully very critical of the journalist who used the term toxic, as many things can be toxic at a high enough level. Coffee can be.

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