Thomson arrested

The SMH reports:

Federal MP has been arrested at his electorate office and is expected to face 150 fraud charges.

Members of the NSW fraud squad on Thursday executed an arrest warrant on behalf of the Victorian Fraud and Extortion Squad.

Victorian detectives flew to Sydney this morning where they accompanied NSW police to Mr Thomson’s Central Coast electorate office. He was arrested about 1pm.

This has been a long time coming, and is no surprise. Gillard stood by him for far too long. It has been fascinating to also see the revelations about how Australian unions operate and their lavish slush funds.

A further 149 fraud charges are expected to be laid against the 48-year-old when he appears in Wyong Local Court. NSW Police said Victorian detectives are expected to apply for Mr Thomson’s extradition to Victoria.

The Victorian police have spent almost 18 months investigating claims that Mr Thomson improperly used Health Services Union funds to spend on prostitutes, air travel, entertainment and cash withdrawals in excess of $100,000.

Makes Taito Philip Field look frugal!

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