Wanaka to Christchurch

I’m in Wanaka from 2nd to 5th or 6th of January and it seems Wanaka is one of those places easier to get into than out of.

They have no rental car agencies, and there is only one flight to Christchurch a day, costing $400!

There is a bus service to Christchurch, but I have a loathing of travelling on long distance buses.

So the purpose of the post is to see if any readers happen to be travelling from Wanaka to Christchurch around the 5th  to 7th of January and have a spare seat?

Failing that my Wanaka hostess has said she will lend me a piece of cardboard and a mini-skirt so I can show some leg off and try and hitch a lift!  think we can agree that is a scenario best avoided.

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