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Idiot/Savant at blogs:

So, it looks like my calling National on its bullshit yeterday has struck a nerve. According to DPF, National’s MP’s aren’t bigots – they just think proper Parliamentary procedure is more important than doing the right thing.

Well, that makes everything alright then (/sarcasm).

But the fact is that there was no infringement of proper Parliamentary procedure. Standing Orders give any member the right to raise issues in the manner Charles Chauvel did. And when they do, I expect the case to be assessed on its merits (which in this case are fairly significant). DPF OTOH seems to think deference and hierarchy and grovelling to the right person are more important and that anyone who doesn’t do this to the satisfaction of those in power should be dismissed out of hand. Which is after all what National and other conservative parties are all about – but its a pretty shitty worldview, and the idea that its more important than doing the right thing is simply ridiculous.

Once upon a time I/S actually could apply intelligent analysis to a situation, but now he seems to have abandoned it.

Standing Orders gives an MP the right to get up and say “I seek leave” for anything at all. But anyone who is not a moron would understand the desirability of actually giving people advance notice of your intention to seek leave. This is nothing to do with hierarchy, and everything to do with whether you wish to grandstand or actually achieve something.

It is entirely unreasonable to expect MPs to decide within two seconds whether or not they agree with a motion being voted on. And it is blatant smear tactics to label people bigots because an MO failed to notify other MPs that he would be seeking leave that afternoon. Idiot/Savant has become the boy who cried wolf. The list of people he has never called a bigot is probably a very small one.

What is disappointing is once upon a time he actually had a fairly good insight of how actually works, and could do insightful posts. Now he does ill-informed rants.

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