Chloe Johnson at HoS reports:

Super mum Melanie Jackson has been pregnant 16 times – and she can’t wait to do it again.

During the past 16 years she has been through eight hospital births, two home births – including a water birth – and six miscarriages.

Ouch, that’s a lot of pregnancies by age 36, and a sad number of miscarriages.

But Melanie, 36, and Craig, 41, have not finished making their family yet.

“We don’t feel in our hearts we have finished,” Melanie said.

Six weeks ago she gave birth to their 10th child, Truleigh, who joined five brothers and four sisters aged between 16 and 2.

The Jacksons live in a six-bedroom home in Hamilton and go through 25 loaves of bread, a tray of eggs and about 30 toilet rolls each week.

Their grocery bill is around $500 a week and they receive no financial assistance from the Government, Melanie said.

I think having lots of children is a great thing if the parents are good parents who can afford to look after them – as is the case here.

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