February 18th, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Went to on Sunday, to do the loop walk. Been doing a largish walk ever Sunday over summer. Despite the fact I had Round the Bays in the morning, still did the walk in the afternoon – and very glad I did.

I haven’t been to Makara for years, so it was a good reason to head over.

The walk starts at the main beach and a fairly easy walk around a couple of bays, before the hill climb starts.


It is a bit of a bitch of a climb as it is more straight up than zigzag. However there is a mixture of semi-flat spells and climbs, so overall quite achievable. And as you can see the views are worth it.


The old gun batteries are now fenced off. This is a pity as I recall several fun teenage overnight parties held in them. The guns were never used and replaced during the war by the larger gun at Wrights Hill.

Just up from the gun batteries are the remains of Fort Opau, with some fascinating photos and histories. Around 60 soldiers lived up there.

dpf windturbines

From the gun batteries, you get a great view of the wind turbines to the South.


After Fort Opau, you hit the West Wind Recreation Area. The turbines are so much larger than the original Brooklyn one. And much more powerful. The Brooklyn one could power around 80 homes. The 622 West Wind turbines can power 71,000 homes, which happens to be the number of homes in Wellington City.

The historical display boards up there are fascinating. There used to be a settlement of around 20 houses built around the Post Office facilities up there.

Even if you are not into walking, you can drive to the West Wind area. A good place to take kids out to – great views, and some interesting history.


After West Wind, you head down to Opau Bay. The start is through a nice pine forest, but most of it is down a very steep 4WD track. I pitied the fishermen walking up it!


The return journey along the beach took longer than expected. There isn’t really a trail. The beach changes from sand, to small rocks, to larger rocks to huge rocks you have to climb over. Nothing too hard, but slow work in a hot sun. However the solitude and the views are worth it.


A couple of families had trekked around and were having a great day of it. The water was actually quite warm we were told. I was very tempted to go in myself.


And finally the end in sight. The only disappointment was we got back just after the store closed. The thought of an ice cream at the end had been giving me motivation!

Around three hours to do an 8 km loop. One of the most enjoyable I’ve done with the mixture of views and history.

6 Responses to “Makara”

  1. sparky (235 comments) says:

    Thanks for sharing David. It would of been hard yakker, but worth it for the views.

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  2. andyscrase (89 comments) says:

    Wellingtonians seem obsessed with their useless birdchoppers. In 20 years time you will be able to hike around the rusting hulks of a failed industry.

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  3. Neil (598 comments) says:

    Would have been good DPF if you had said that it was in Wellington. I read your transcript thru and finally found the word Wellington.

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  4. pq (728 comments) says:

    Excellent Farrar, a walk is a walk, and the mind is so much invigourated, you get to see reality,
    and then you come back to us with another joke
    I don’t know how you fit in all this stuff, I think you have 48 hours in your day

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  5. Viking2 (14,371 comments) says:

    Todays News.

    Another errant penguin has achieved the unhappy feat of getting itself stranded on a North Island beach.

    The bird was too weak to stand yesterday, was on a drip and was being fed by a syringe down its throat.

    The bird was found on Sunday afternoon by Jenny Boyne. “He was lying on his tummy and looked very sad,” she said.

    It is now being fed a “fish milkshake” of pureed sardines mixed with vitamins and oil.

    “We’ve been thinking we should give him some poncy royal name

    Ah, just couldn’t help myself eh!

    Better call Gareth for funding. Maybe he will sponsor your 10th birthday!

    Great pics and always enjoy them. Where do you find the time?

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  6. hinamanu (1,412 comments) says:

    Wind turbines are absolutely awesum and stand for so much for this country

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