Mallard responds to Chauvel

As I blogged yesterday resigning Labour List MP Charles Chauvel called for those responsible for the 2011 election loss to exit Parliament. This was a few seconds after he he said Labour should stop trying to locate the enemy within!

Calling for a purge seems a bit inconsistent with a call for unity!

I said that I can only presume Chauvel was calling for Goff, King, Mallard and Robertson to go. It seems Trevor sees it that way also as he tweeted during the speech:

My decision to seek Hutt South nomination just reinforced

Pete George has details of how well this has gone down on The Standard.

It is obvious that Labour has massive internal tensions. If they manage to form a Government after 2014, the tensions will be fascinating. With the Greens, NZ First and Mana all thrown in with a party that is at war with itself – well stable Government isn’t the phrase that comes to mind.

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