Now that’s a resignation letter

NBR reported:

will not be publishing its weekly Law News magazine this week after the double-whammy resignation of its editor and main writer.

Colin Taylor resigned as Law News editor on Monday after 16 years in the job.

So why did he quit? Well he is not shy in saying so.

A letter from Mr Taylor, informing his colleagues of his resignation, cites a “sea change” in relation to editorial production of Law News early last year after Ms Keppel’s appointment.

“It was characteristically tainted by almost weekly altercations with this new chief executive due to her instructing the cutting, censoring or changing of editorial content based purely on her personal,  petulant, schoolgirl-styled grudges and fits of pique directed against both authors and subjects of editorial items [including serving council members]; and also reflecting her breathtaking ignorance of editorial, news media and publishing processes and the laws relating to defamation and libel,” he wrote.

“I also received management directives for the inclusion within Law News of editorial’ material that comprised an unjustifiable propensity of rather sickening ‘social’ content that was clearly intended to ingratiate the chief executive with high-profile’ figures in the profession and judiciary; and which blatantly exhibited a sycophantic desire to ‘suck up to’ the profession’s luminaries.”

Hmmmn, I don’t think he liked her.

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