Scummy behaviour

February 6th, 2013 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Matt Nippert reports:

National Party president Peter Goodfellow has complained of being subjected to covert video surveillance.

The complaint, heard before the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority, alleges private investigator hid a video camera to film him meeting his estranged wife Libby Black.

Bowerman told the authority he had been working for Black as both a personal guard and private investigator since March 2009.

Lawyers acting for Goodfellow told the authority the filming occurred during a meeting at an upmarket Orakei address on August 11 last year, and was revealed when the National Party president noticed something amiss.

“He noticed something under a beanie hat. He lifted it up, and under it was a camera which had been on for an hour and seven minutes,” the lawyer said.

Under questioning by authority member Roger Gill, Bowerman conceded the filming was covert but insisted he had “implied consent” from Black to undertake the surveillance.

“She never said that she didn’t consent to the filming,” he said.

Bowerman’s claim contrasted with evidence submitted by Goodfellow’s lawyers that Black, when the camera was discovered, denied knowing anything about the filming.

Bowerman said he was unwilling to call Black as a witness as this would then subject her to “tumultuous” cross-examination by lawyers representing her former husband.

The legality rests on whether or not Black consented to the recording. But regardless of the legality, it is a scummy thing to do.

7 Responses to “Scummy behaviour”

  1. barry (1,234 comments) says:

    when you do scummy things – then scummy things might happen around you. If his ex wife had security then hes a fool for not thinking “I wonder what the security is….?”

    Mind you we know hes a bit dim —- gave money to the guy who was going to take over the auckland casino……

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  2. Keeping Stock (12,409 comments) says:

    This is the same bloke who leaked/gave the NZ Herald a family photo he had taken at the funeral of Judith Collins’ husband’s mother. David Fisher ran the story and photo at the weekend accusing Ms Collins of cronyism. That would lead one to think that he believes that ethics is a county in England.

    Interestingly, the Herald hasn’t carried this story; funny that 😛

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  3. searching (21 comments) says:

    Associate Justice Minister Nathan Guy has announced the appointment of Roger Gill as the inaugural Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority.

    From 1991-93 he was Chief Executive of the National Party.

    Conflict of interest?

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  4. Nookin (4,583 comments) says:


    Where is the conflict?

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  5. Nick K (2,071 comments) says:

    The conflict is the same as the one that existed when Mike Williams was appointed to a plethora of positions during Helengrad.

    The same stupid lefties were shrilling about Judith Collins’ conflict in appointing Robert Kee as the Human Rights Tribunal boss.

    They wouldn’t know a conflict if it bit them on the arse.

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  6. BlairM (2,755 comments) says:

    There is nothing scummy about this at all. In a nasty divorce this is absolutely necessary. I used covert recording in my own divorce. Occasionally I still record important conversations with my ex wife without her knowledge or consent. It is legal for me to do so, as long as I am present and part of the conversation.

    On more than one occasion this has saved my arse, as there have been allegations made against me that I was able to instantly disprove by having a recording of what occurred. In fact I am almost certain that, had I not used covert recordings, my ex wife would have refused to settle my divorce and we would have gone to trial. My $100 investment in a recording device has paid for itself in many thousands of dollars saved.

    What is scummy is when you have a conversation with your ex and they lie about it afterwards. Libby Black is merely protecting herself from this possibility. Good on her.

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  7. cullen (1 comment) says:

    Roger Gill , Chairman of the Licensing Authority has just granted a license to Thomas Andrew Gibson (The unlicensed guard of Peter Jackson, Hobbit premiere 2012) despite strong opposition from an Inspector of police (Dominion Post February 16, A13). It makes the Licensing authority a joke in itself. All those who deserve and have paid for a license will be mightily unimpressed when a man so unfit for the role is given a license (lying to the authority in the process).

    Gibson (a undischarged bankrupt whio remains a publican behind the smokescreen of others at Chicago and Hope Bros bars in Wellington) states it is his main income and yet did not apply for a license for over a year after the legislation was passed? I wouldn’t trust Roger Gill to walk my dog.

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