Seven good and bad on Seven Sharp

A press secretary commented to me yesterday that I seem to be the only person in the country who liked . By coincidence Heather DPA walked past at that point!

Anyway it is fair to say that almost all reviews and comments online have been critical, including of course those written before it aired!

But I thought this post by Toby Manhire is pretty well balanced. The summary is:


  1. The tone
  2. The personnel
  3. Ali Mau
  4. The set
  5. The John Key office item
  6. The Afghanistan and post-traumatic stress disorder item
  7. No pratfalls


  1. The lack of live-news content
  2. Interactivity
  3. The tone
  4. The tone cont’d
  5. The timing of the John Key office item
  6. Some of the jokes
  7. The absence of studio guests

Tuesday’s night show was a bit different to the first night. One thing which would improve things for me is having them say at the beginning of the programme what they’ll be covering. If you know what is coming up, you are more likely to stay past the jokes.

The naturist item was quite interesting. A good example of meeting someone behind the headline story. I had some sympathy for him up until the point he compared himself to Martin Luther King.

Had to laugh at the position of the boom mike in the interview 🙂

Not quite so many items as the night before, which was good in my opinion.

And a mini coup with getting Karen from the Rachel v Karen phone call on screen. Not as exciting as one would have thought though from the phone call.

The Richie McCaw item was very boring, but I guess rates well with hormonal women.

So after two nights, I’m still in the liking it category. But no, I won’t be doing daily reviews. After this I’ll give a month before blogging again on it.

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